atelier-arc-en-ciel-rainbow-hands-girlAtelier Arc-en-ciel is a bilingual (French-English) educative program that supports parents with young kids who are challenged by raising eco-conscious kids.

Our program empowers kids and their parents, educate them and create long-lasting eco-friendly habits that they can continue at home and share with their family.

We offer classes and after school programs in schools with hands-on, kid-friendly activities around the environment, recycling, nature.

As a result, the kids enjoy a good time playing and learning with their friends, they bring home their art project and share their knowledge with their parents and siblings.

Parents are happy to see their kids learn and implement eco-friendly habits.

What makes my classes and programs unique is that I provide content mixing a pragmatic European and American educational approach and a coaching approach that enables them to create new habits and generate real change.