Treat yourself

This weekend, it was the kickoff of the holiday season.

Lightening of the Chrismas Tree, a family picture with Santa, holiday market, and the inevitable Advent Calendar (a fabulous marketing tool by the way!).

Here in New York, houses, buildings, and trees are decorated with strings of light, Christmas Wreath, and sometimes big Santa with his sleigh.

Snow is not coming yet, it would be more exciting than the steady fall of rain but the Christmas spirit is there.

It’s an exciting period of time, last month of the year, Christmas is coming and, for most of us, it means a deserved break with family to celebrate.

What is your favorite time of the year?

This week I will talk about some little treats you can make to yourself.

You don’t have to wait for your holiday break to relax and treat yourself!

As the old saying goes – if you don’t love yourself, who else will?

Remind yourself that you deserve to lead a happy life and enjoy yourself on a regular basis with these 10 ways to treat yourself.

1. Have fun and watch your favorite series or talk show.

2. Treat yourself with a chocolate bar or your Madeleine de Proust and allow your mind to relax and wander.

3. Enjoy a delicious massage in your favorite spa or a warm bath in your bathroom.

4. Have a break and take your favorite hot drink after your lunch (and please do not take this lunch on your desk) with a warm hot chocolate, hot tea, hot coffee or hot apple cider. Just you and your hot drink.

5. Give yourself the gift of five minutes of doing nothing.

6. Go for a brief walk outside. 15 minutes and it will refresh your mind and clear your ideas.

7. Pretend to be a tourist in your local area. Open your eyes, walk around the park, shops, museums etc. as though it’s the first time you have ever visited.

8. Give yourself the gift of learning something new.

9. Learn how to cook a new dish that you’ve always wanted to try.

10. Give yourself the gift of taking your dreams seriously. Write down five key life goals that you want to achieve over the next year or so, and the steps needed to achieve them.

It is important to allow time for your brain to “defrag” and create free space, and to Indulge yourself to help manage the Holiday Season stress!


“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.”

― Steve Maraboli

I wish you a lovely week!

Marie Barbezieux Rousselle

Life & Leadership Certified Professional Coach – ELI-MP

Mobile: (347) 484 7940 | 

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