Marie is a certified professional coach and she provides coaching around values, strengths, and energy levels.

She helps professionals and individuals in their daily decisions as a manager, an entrepreneur, a job seeker.

She leverages over 10 years’ experience in advertising, digital marketing, consulting, and coaching to help clients unlock their potential and feel more confident and empowered in their career.

She adapts her coaching and her tools to her client. She clarifies what her client wants, works with them on action plans, and I follow them to be sure they do what they planned to do.

“I help you choose a life full of colors after a life-changing event. Because you are unique and you deserve a life aligned with your values.” Marie Rousselle

She is the author of a productivity blog for self-learning career, leadership and life improvement tips. She’s written many articles about finding your passion in life, goal setting and many other ideas around learning to have a better and more positive life. Please subscribe to her Monday Motivation Newsletter to read more of her articles.


If you are transitioning professionally or personally, Marie will help you to set-up a plan for your career with short and long-term goals.

You can read the testimonial of Laurène and her interview in FrenchRadar to know more about the benefits of my coaching and contact her for more info.

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