” You were a terrific coach and I’ve deployed a number of the hidden skills we discussed in our sessions. You helped me to articulate two priority goals and unpack why I had a mental block about success.

I found you extremely compassionate yet delightfully goal oriented. I looked forward to our sessions.

You have a way of pointing out your client’s responsibility to the process but without promoting a level of guilt if homework not done.

I would recommend your services for all transition stages”

– Gretchen T., Business Development and Fundraising Executive, NYC


” Being coached by Marie helped me set-up a plan for my career with short and long-term goals. The coaching sessions helped me be accountable towards someone else, which is useful when you are transitioning professionally. Indeed in those instances, there is no one road defined. You have to find your own way, and Marie helped me get there. It is a process. This process is not straightforward. She helped me weigh the pros and the cons for each option that was on my plate, in order to identify my priorities for the next months.

Marie is listening and can read between the lines. To me, her analytical skills associated with her emotional intelligence were important in me trusting her. I liked the fact that she was equipped with relevant tools.  She helped me be comfortable and confident with career choices. After each coaching session, I felt cheered up.

Receiving her newsletters each Monday morning is always a good way to start the week.”

– Laurène H., entrepreneur, NYC


“Working with Marie was intense, but in a good way. It made me think a lot of my work position and future on a short period of time and that was good, not to lengthen the coaching process so it’s “ on-point”. I would like to renew this experience in the future so I can take a smart step back and keep moving forward.”

Laure, Key Account Director, NYC


” I had been trying to change several aspects of my life but didn’t know where to start or what to prioritize.

Marie has this amazing ability to listen and to summarize my thoughts in a very concise and discerning way. It helped me to see things much more clearly and draw up a plan.

Marie also gave me some tools to set achievable goals for what seemed to be an impossible task.

And I am glad to report I am making progress!

I would definitely recommend Marie’s coaching sessions, and would definitely renew the experience myself for the next chapter of my life.”
– Agnès I., Architect, Paris
― Coaching Testimonials