My sessions with Marie Rousselle have been so helpful in navigating emigrating to the US and finding a job. She has a friendly, warm and open approach, and is so knowledgeable about any topic I bring to the table. She makes this experience for me so enjoyable and valuable, and I really look forward to our sessions. They leave me feeling positive and like I have the tools to equip me through this process. Marie is highly experienced and I would recommend her to anyone I come across!
– Thiana H., Global Analytics and Consumer insights Manager
Marie was a wonderful support during this time of relocation to the US. She understood my situation and very accommodating in my schedule as well as gave me time to work through personal issues without putting any pressure on timeline. I would highly recommend her as she thoroughly listens to her clients to fully understand their goals and circumstances. Then provides clear feedback and guidance on next steps.
– Mary G., Category Manager & Buyer

Marie was my job search coach when I arrived to US on the lastyear and she helped to me to understand how I could highlightmy skills during the job search process and also how to managemy weaknesses too. She is very supportive, focused, observantand a always a positive person.

Maria Isabel Reyes Cobo, External Operations Industry Chemistry Manager

Marie is an authentic mentor, full of light and resources.
Marie helped me on so many aspects that were blocked in my life professionally, emotionally and spiritually.
She has bright ideas, she’s always full of positive encouragements and gives you precise resources.
She’s generous and very sensitive in her approach. Her method is very clear, deep and dynamic, each session were different and put me in front of something new.
She gives you the keys to drive the very best of you. If you give up on yourself, she won’t !
I feel empowered and full of confidence since our sessions have started, and Marie’s kind voice will resonate in me for a long time.
I’m so grateful to have met her on my path and I highly recommend her.
Plus, you can work either in English or in French with her. Thanks a million Marie!
– Julie, Entrepreneur

I highly recommend the coaching services of Marie, who is a very professional, attentive and motivating person. I really appreciated her approach, very practical and targeted, adapting perfectly to the objectives I had initially.
She helped me ask myself the right questions and very quickly provided solutions by sharing ideas for events, contacts and practical exercises.
Thank you again Marie for your follow-up and your precious advice !!
– Marie Moutou – Finance specialist

Marie’s support was a great help to me professionally after a bad experience.
 When we started to work together I felt lost and afraid of taking on a new job.
Thanks to her professionalism, today I think differently.
I understood that my success depended above all on myself and on my belief in my goal. She aided me to look at things from a different perspective and discover my potential.
It would have been difficult to go down this path on my own. Marie’s encouragement help you to act and produce results. It is this
benevolence that has motivated me to move forward.
I strongly advise Mary to anyone who wishes to give a new impetus in his life. Her support really makes it possible to begin and make great things happen.
You’ll accomplish goals, tasks and projects much more quickly.
– Dinka Yutronic, Legal advisor

Marie Rousselle Barbezieux is an amazing coach ! A great human and professional who really cares about her clients giving her time and dedication to help someone to improve his/her career and personal development!
I am thankful for her guide and engagement as my coach!
I totally recommend her services!

– Carolina N, Journalist and Communication professional

Marie has been helping me to navigate the job search with efficient and comforting advice and great resume writing and networking tips. Marie has also put me in touch with very interesting people working in the sustainability industry and has been very supportive of my new business venture. She has been a tremendous help and support throughout my many steps and has been a constant source of advice. I certainly feel more confident and prepared after talking to Marie, and I hope you feel the same way after meeting her. Marie also hosts amazing online seminars and sessions on networking, resume writing and overall work search during difficult times.

– Beatriz Picard, Sustainable Consultant and Former Lawyer

You were a terrific coach and I’ve deployed a number of the hidden skills we discussed in our sessions. You helped me to articulate two priority goals and unpack why I had a mental block about success.

I found you extremely compassionate yet delightfully goal oriented. I looked forward to our sessions.

You have a way of pointing out your client’s responsibility to the process but without promoting a level of guilt if homework not done.

I would recommend your services for all transition stages.

– Gretchen T., Business Development and Fundraising Executive, NYC

Being coached by Marie helped me set-up a plan for my career with short and long-term goals. The coaching sessions helped me be accountable towards someone else, which is useful when you are transitioning professionally. Indeed in those instances, there is no one road defined. You have to find your own way, and Marie helped me get there. It is a process. This process is not straightforward. She helped me weigh the pros and the cons for each option that was on my plate, in order to identify my priorities for the next months.

Marie is listening and can read between the lines. To me, her analytical skills associated with her emotional intelligence were important in me trusting her. I liked the fact that she was equipped with relevant tools.  She helped me be comfortable and confident with career choices. After each coaching session, I felt cheered up.

Receiving her newsletters each Monday morning is always a good way to start the week.

– Laurène H., entrepreneur, NYC

Working with Marie was intense, but in a good way. It made me think a lot of my work position and future on a short period of time and that was good, not to lengthen the coaching process so it’s “ on-point”. I would like to renew this experience in the future so I can take a smart step back and keep moving forward.

Laure, Key Account Director, NYC

I had been trying to change several aspects of my life but didn’t know where to start or what to prioritize.

Marie has this amazing ability to listen and to summarize my thoughts in a very concise and discerning way. It helped me to see things much more clearly and draw up a plan.

Marie also gave me some tools to set achievable goals for what seemed to be an impossible task.

And I am glad to report I am making progress!

I would definitely recommend Marie’s coaching sessions, and would definitely renew the experience myself for the next chapter of my life.
– Agnès I., Architect, Paris
― Coaching Testimonials