3 years

3 years.

3 years already.

3 years of profound sadness, joy, surprise, adventures, tears.

It could have happened yesterday as the pain is still there, vibrant, present, indelible.

I remember every single seconds of this moment. I remember the fear, the despair, the profound sadness. The relief too.

3 years ago I was going through the most unbelievable moment of my life, it was not fair, not possible that it happened to me, to my family. But it did and I had to accept it, because I had no choice if I wanted to move forward.

Because I had no choice but to move forward, to make this life worth living it.

Maybe you have experienced grief. You know how fragile life is. You know how science sometimes cannot do anything. You know that life is a miracle. You know that life is too short to be wasted. You know that every second, every minute with your loved ones count.

Facing this traumatic event changed my life.

It changed the taste of my life. I had to make it worth living.

I can say today, October 1st, 2020 that I am proud of the life that I have designed.

My life is an adventure, a roller coaster of emotions, surprises, smiles, experiences.

I never lost hope but I was very close to it 3 years ago.

I cannot explain in words what I experienced, but I truly experienced a life going away. Where? I don’t know but I know he’s still there, somewhere, watching over me and my family.

My rainbow baby is a marvelous gift of life, a gift of love, and I decided to keep the love and share it.

Whatever experience you are going through, remember that it is temporary. Every new step you do is a step that makes you closer than what you want. What matters is to keep moving, to keep learning. When you stop moving and learning, you start dying.

3 years ago, I’ve seen death. Today I am more alive than ever, spreading love and hope around me.

You deserve it too.

Take care,


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