Life Coaching

Life coaching provides encouragement, support, goal setting, and advice.

I focus on your strengths, help you create positive habits, assist you getting out of life ruts, and create a game plan for your future.

My philosophy as a coach is that you deserve the life you choose.

Because you always have the choice.


I am a certified professional coach and my coaching is around values, strengths, and energy levels. I help professionals and individuals in their daily decisions as a manager, an entrepreneur, a job seeker.

I coach in English and in French and I use a methodology around Energy Coaching that empowers people to dig deeply, honestly, and objectively into their energy and mental programming in order to assess who they are and who they want to become.

I adapt my coaching and my tools to my client. Each coaching session is different. With my coaching, I guide and clarify what my client wants, I work with them on plans and I follow them to be sure they do what they planned to do.

I am here to help you choose the life you dream of because you deserve it.

Life circumstances happen and they don’t determine your happiness. They are part of your life as the feelings are part of you, but they don’t define you.

As a Life Coach, I will help you go through difficult moments, bumps in the road, and choose the life you deserve.

Tough events happen in life. Break-up, divorce, the loss of a friend, of a family member, or a pet, a brutal layoff, a disease. They are big transitions in your personal life or your professional life.

When you go through a difficult event, you can feel sad, angry, upset, lost, hopeless, and so many other feelings. You can also think that it is the end of your life and that you will never see the light again.

As a Life Coach, I work with men and women who are transitioning after a life-changing event and I help them make choices in accordance with their values, so they will not regret them.

I will help you make choices related to your own values and your own experience, without judgment. Because you are unique and you deserve a life that you choose.

I found this quote very powerful and relevant when you are going through dark events.  “In order to know the light, we must first experience the darkness.” – Jung

Your own experience or your education can tell you that you need to be strong, that it’s life, that life goes on… The way you are seeing this event is your choice. The way you are accepting your feelings and living in the moment is also your choice. What you’re going through is very personal and no one can understand. You are unique. 

No matter the feeling you are experiencing, it is a feeling that you need to experience. There is no right or bad feeling.

My work as a Life Coach is to help you live this moment and create the life that you want, despite the obstacles that life will put in your way. Living the moment doesn’t mean that you will not feel sad or angry or lost anymore. It means that you will recognize that these feelings are part of you but they don’t define you. And that life goes on, anyway.

Grief is a common aspect of all these difficult events. You have your life before and after this loss. Grieving is a long road.

Sometimes it means that you abandon your innocence. You are realizing that some dreams are not possible anymore, you are afraid of the future. All these feelings and statements can be on your mind right now. It is hard but your real life can also begin as you’ve experienced very powerful feelings that can knock you off balance.

From my personal experience, I know how hard it is. You are surrounded by people who have no idea what you are going through and are trying to help you.

As a Life Coach, I am here to listen to you without judgment. I will build a safe place where you will be able to be true. We will work together on your present and future life that follows your values and the person you truly are.

Together, we will move forward to a life full of colors, like a rainbow after a warm summer storm. Because after each storm you always have a colorful rainbow.

Let’s work together to build your beautiful rainbow life!

Life Coaching full of colors
Rainbow Life Coaching